A Mercenary Archer turned Ally


A lanky stringy man, Kammin has the look of an unsavory vagrant, of the sort that would frequent seedy river docks. He was in the Employ of a band of Mercenaries who call themselves The Riverwolves hired to guard a cadre of cultists bound for Moot Hill.

Kammin has garnered the ire of the crime-lord Zakhan, and is hiding out at Moot Hill. Supposedly, he and his sister Omirae’s contracts of servitude were purchased by Zakhan, and his sister was forced into “dubious” services in the man’s employ. Kammin, with some now distant members of the Riverwolves, was able to pull a con against the crime-boss, which allowed Omirae to escape on a ship, bound for their home of Gatetown. Zakhan has demanded her location, and compensation of 1600 gold pieces, as she was apparently quite valuable to him.


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